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May 09, 2014 · play that 70s show or shows from the 70s on TV screens; printable posters of 70s musicians and movies (print them right off the computer or have them blown up at a Kinko's) Get creative and have fun with this theme. Try searching dollar stores before going to party stores, this could save you a lot of money in the long run!Reviews: 11. 70s Attire — Disco Costumes, Disco Outfits & Disco Clothes. Stayin' alive! 70s fashion never dies as long as we can connect with customers who love to don the disco outfits and go out dancing.

You will also want to decorate the room(s) your 70s party will take place in. You can find 70s party decorations at your local party store or online at a place like Shindigz. Your party decorations should contain popular colors from the 70s (Orange, Brown, Yellow, Lime, etc. Celebrate the 1970s with a disco ball, bell-bottom pants, funky music and super groovy party decorations. A 70s theme party is sure to get everyone dancing the night away. Make sure to keep the 70s party theme alive with disco ball lights, disco ball centerpieces .

The Top Party Themes. We have supplies for all the most popular party themes here at Shindigz. Whether it’s a classic theme that adults love or the latest craze your kids are begging for, you’ll find everything you need. Big List of Adult Party Ideas and Themes. 20's Party The Roaring Twenties are alive and well! This great adult party theme isn't used that often, but it sure does have a lot of fun party decorating possibilities! 40's Party Great nostalgia of the "greatest generation". This is particularly great for a birthday party of people who were born in.