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Adult Children of Alcoholics,; Gary Zalkin is a mental health attorney and psychotherapist practicing in Wellesley, MA. He focuses his practice on helping families who are struggling with addictions and other illnesses by pursuing . A Guardian Advocate of Property can ask the court to make property decisions, like contracting, suing and defending lawsuits, and managing property or making gifts. Generally, both can request the right to seek government benefits. Are the powers of a Guardian Advocate different .

Guardianship Advocate. Become a Guardian Advocate to brighten the life of a senior or an adult with a disability. Guardian Advocates make short, regular visits to a client to provide companionship and a higher quality of life by advocating for the person’s needs.Location: 1700 Rutherford Lane, Austin, TX, 78754. Conservatorship vs. Adult Guardianship. In some states, conservatorships are called adult guardianships, but the terms mean roughly the same thing. For the rest of this article, we will use the term "conservatorship" to refer to adult guardianships and conservatorships.Author: Nolo.

A Texas Guide to Adult Guardianship 1 INTRODUCTION TO GUARDIANSHIP Sometimes, due to the effects of aging, disease or injury, people need help managing some or all of their daily affairs. One way of doing this is the establishment of a guardianship. A guardianship is . Is Guardianship of Adult Drug Addicted Son a Good or Bad Idea? LadyWatchman. this hasn't been my best last 24 hours I've ever gone through. You just now need to decide what form that love should take, I guess. I am the addict putting my sister through something similar to what your son is putting you through. She is supportive, but I went.