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how to breastfeed an adult - The Complete Guide to Breastfeeding Your Man and Adult Nursing (ANR)

It's a Fantasy: You husband may be turned on by your lactating breasts, or he may have a sexual fantasy that involves breastfeeding. Erotic lactation and adult breastfeeding (adult nursing) websites and groups exist just for this purpose. So, as long as you feel comfortable, this is a fantasy that you can fulfill for your partner. A client asked me: Can I breastfeed my husband? Well, adult breastfeeding is a way for lovers to connect. Breastfeeding your man - or woman - is a natural, time honored tradition.

Aug 09, 2019 · Milk Or No Milk. Part of the allure of breastfeeding for a lot of couples is the idea of a woman feeding and nourishing her man with her breast milk. However in order to lactate, you usually have to become pregnant first. Otherwise, you’ll need to take a supplement to start producing breast . Jul 07, 2016 · Kate started breastfeeding her husband in her 50s as part of their sex life. We find out what adult nursing is, and why the people involved aren't planning to Author: Abby Moss.

How to Start Breastfeeding Your Adult Baby. The pleasure of breastfeeding is hard-wired into the Limbic area of the brain and is strongly tied to the sex drive of the R-brain. In the most concise words possible, it is entirely natural and normal for a woman to achieve climax by virtue of breast feeding . Jun 13, 2016 · Woman Breastfeeds Her Boyfriend || Adult Breastfeeding - A mum who put her job on hold to breastfeed her bodybuilder boyfriend every two .