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16 rows · Nationality Height Name Notes Lifespan Nepal 54.6 cm (21.5 in) Chandra Bahadur Dangi: Chandra was declared the shortest human adult ever documented and verified, measuring 21.51 in . Gul Mohammed (February 15, 1957 – October 1, 1997) of New Delhi, India, according to Guinness World Records, was the shortest adult human being of his time whose existence and height have been independently verified.. On July 19, 1990, he was examined by Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi, India, and he stood 1 foot 10.5 inches (57 cm) tall and weighed 37.5 lbs (17 kg).Nationality: Indian.

The confirmed measurement also makes Chandra the shortest adult human to ever have their height verified by Guinness World Records, beating a benchmark set by Gul Mohammed, (New Delhi, India, 1957-1997) who measured 57 cm (22.5 in).Author: Guinness World Records News. Jun 30, 2013 · Best Answer: It is impossible to make a kayak for an adult as short as you are describing. The definition of a kayak is a long narrow boat -- a boat can't be short AND narrow. That is because you need a certain amount of volume inside the boat for it to float and support the person's weight. As a Status: Open.

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