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Virgin Land's grain output decreased 40% from 1956, and 18% for the total Soviet Union grain output. 1958. In 19there was almost no new land ploughed up in Virgin Land regions. The 1958 harvest was a particularly good one, reaching 58,385,000 tons of grain, only 8% below the record of 62,263,000 tons set in 1956. 1959. The 1959. However, in contrast to 1954, the non-virgin land harvest more than offset the failure of the virgin land crop. The Ukraine crop was more than double its 1954 crop. However the lesson of the undependability of precipitation in the virgin lands was not heeded and Khrushchev called for an expansion of the virgin lands program into East Siberia.

Could businesses be doing more to look after their employees' mental wellbeing? The Virgin Lands campaign was a huge operation designed to open up a vast tract of steppe land, mainly in northern Kazakhstan and the Altai region of the RSFSR, for grain cultivation. The area initially plowed up in 1954, the first year of the campaign, was no less than 19 million hectares (47 million acres).

Virgin Land: The American West as Symbol and Myth (Harvard Paperback, HP 21) [Henry Nash Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The spell that the West has always exercised on the American people had its most intense impact on American literature and thought during the nineteenth century. Henry Nash Smith showsCited by: 679. Preface to the Synoptic Hypertext Version of Virgin Land. About the Virgin Land Synoptic Text | About the HyperConTexts | Summary of the Virgin LandSynoptic. About the Virgin Land Synoptic Text. Henry Nash Smith's Virgin Land is a watershed American Studies text, one of the most wideranging and provocative studies of American history and.