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Kickapoo is an Algonquian word meaning “one who goes here, then there”, a fitting name as the river is very crooked, frequently doubling back on itself as it flows through the Wisconsin landscape. The Kickapoo River most recently flooded over its banks in Gays Mills in 2007 and again from the June 2008 Midwest floods. Kickapoo River Wildlife Area - Bell Center Unit began as a perpetual hunting and fishing easement unit of the lower Wisconsin River Wildlife area in 1968. In 1975 the Kickapoo River Wildlife Area was separated from the lower Wisconsin River project and conversion of easements to .

Moderate flooding is possible in and around Gays Mills. 13: Water begins to cover roads near the river, including Sand Hill Road near Bell Center. Minor flooding occurs in areas adjacent to the river, including Robb Park in Gays Mills. Photos (1) Upstream view at Gays Mills, October 21st, 2014, Stage = 6.99 ft. Next is Gays Mills, the “Apple Capital” of Wisconsin. Near Steuben the river valley widens further. In a few miles, the road along the Kickapoo River begins to rise and you soon find yourself on a ridge top overlooking the silos, barns, and pastures that typify the area.

For a beginner kayaker, this is probably the best river to start on because it is so safe, well serviced, scenic and, while not having a strong current, it’s not weak either. There are no dams on the river except for a minor low-head dam near Gays Mills (that is actually considered dangerous). Put Gays Mills on your itinerary for this year, because all the fun begins at Kickapoo Stump Dodger Campground! We can't wait to see you in the Kickapoo! To book a Camp site, C all 608-735-4929 or 608-632-1162 Office Address: 303 Main Street Gays Mills, WI 54631. More than just a Cam.