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In addition, we offer the widest selection of swivel joints for the most difficult liquid handling applications. Simply put, your railcar loading systems are more productive with SafeRack. SafeRack’s experienced loading arms experts allow us to walk clients through every step of the design process from swing arm style to dimensions and materials. Truck Loading Arms - Kanon Loading Equipment. Both types of loading arms are typically made of 3 pipes – respectively called inner arm, outer arm and drop pipe. Bottom loading/unloading arms are designed to be connected on the side or on the rear of the tanker and sometimes for both.

Its flexibility, long reach, and convenience of use make the A-Frame Loading Arm especially popular. It’s also known for its versatility. While it is commonly used for tank-truck bottom loading, it’s also an effective solution for top loading and unloading. Inlet flange and seamless piping allow it to handle liquefied petroleum gases, including propane and butane. Jun 26, 2014 · Petroleum road tanker bottom loading system designed and installed by IFC Inflow at a UK Oil Distribution depot. The loading system comprises the .

From Loading Arms and Gantry Access Equipment to DRY-BREAK Couplers. From Loading Arms and Gantry Access Equipment to DRY-BREAK Couplers and Tank Truck Systems, Emco Wheaton always has the best solutions. Bottom Loading Arms. Bottom loading offers benefits which cannot be achieved with top loading designs. As it takes place on the. Petroleum Top Loading/Unloading Arms. WSI’s Petroleum product range of top loading arms are specifically designed for refined fuels such as gasoline, Lube Oil, diesel, kerosene, naphtha and ethanol. Whether for top loading or unloading of tank trucks or rail cars there is a WSI top loading arm to suit the particular application.