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BV makes women smell of a musty odor, sometimes like fish, and the scent is powerful. It makes it hard to deal with because the smell is really the only true symptom of BV. If you are dealing with this infection currently, then you know exactly how it feels. You want to know how to get rid of musty vaginal odor and you want to know how to do. Apr 08, 2016 · The vaginal flora work to keep your vagina's pH at 4.5, or slightly acidic. It's likely that your vagina has a slightly sour smell. There will also most likely be a slight musty smell, from sweat Author: Bethy Squires.

Dec 07, 2007 · Aspergillus is a common cause of mildew (and its smell), and some species are also human pathogens, though usually in the lungs. I'm not a doctor or even close, but a brief google search showed that Aspergillus has been found in at least one woman's lady parts, so it is possible, but rare. All I have is musty smelling vaginal discharge. I can smell when I am sitting in a chair, on the couch, in criss cross apple sauce and I'm not sure if I notice it more because it is constantly on my mind or if it really is noticeable Is it possible. I could just have a vaginal infection since I .

Apr 05, 2012 · the smell is due to sweat, vagina wet discharge besides the residue urine drops. it will develop bit bad odor. you are taking adequate care. keep neat shaven. do not get self hypnotized.