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Cool anti-tobacco websites Speaking up This site offers educational videos, K-12 assembly programs, speakers, quit smoking info, anti-tobacco news, and a great anti-smoking links guide for teen . The Florida Department of Health in Lake County provides an approved anti-tobacco program for any person under the age of eighteen cited for possession of tobacco (s.569.11). The Teen Tobacco Citation Class is a two hour citation class that is offered in both the North and South ends of Lake County.

Mar 05, 2019 · Tobacco Prevention and Control Program en español. The Texas Tobacco law, changing the legal age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21, will take effect September 1, 2019. If you were born after August 31, 2001, you cannot purchase or possess tobacco products. The. The Foundation for a TobbacoFree World is a well known anti-smoking group, offering free quit smoking info, anti-tobacco programs for youth, & an excellent page of anti-smoking resources. Founded by RJ Reynolds' grandson, Patrick Reynolds, after his father's death from smoking.

For Kids & Teens: Tobacco Education Resources SOS Project Prevent is a youth tobacco prevention program through the Arkansas Department of Health's Stamp Out Smoking campaign. The Truth® Campaign is the largest national youth-focused anti-tobacco education campaign ever. It exposes Big Tobacco's marketing and manufacturing practices. Sustaining anti-tobacco media campaigns. A Web-based tobacco education program for middle and high school youth who have violated a tobacco policy at school or in the community. Smokefree Teen. National Cancer Institute program to help teens take control of their health.